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Big news, and quite a surprise

It has been a while since I have been here and wrote to you all. A lot has happened since then, some of it fun, some of it not so much (like a broken furnace/heater). As some of you might have noticed, especially if you read here frequently, you will have noticed that I talk a lot about my projects, knitting or otherwise, but not much about my personal life. I like it that way. However, there is something that I figure I aught to share. Some of you who know me through other channels already know, but only to make it fair for those of you who don’t, here is the big news. My husband and I are expecting our 3rd child in early January. Yes, I know you have not seen much baby knitting, and you probably won’t, because I simply don’t have any time for much of anything at the moment.

But, very much related to this, we had a wonderful surprise for Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is a Dutch celebration (Yes, I know, some other countries celebrate something very similar, but I am from the Netherlands…) on December 5th, where usually children get all kinds of presents and pepernoten, and it is a lot of fun. This year, a package had arrived just before this big day that kind of puzzled me. I was not expecting any thing. And I do mean I was not expecting anything, especially not of this kind. The return address was in the Netherlands, and the name on the package was that of a friend who organizes a wonderful, small, online-based handcrafting club in the Netherlands, of which I am a member. I only know this friend through the club. So I was rather puzzled…

We decided to safe it until the 5th, as that just made it easier for the 2 little ones who are just starting to learn that some events have presents associated with them, and that presents do not just get opened arbitrarily. Imagine my surprise when we opened this box, and it was indeed full of sinterklaas presents:

Then the unwrapping fun began. The box was filled with hand made gifts for the new baby, and some fun stuff for the rest of us:

There was all kinds of gorgeous stuff. Knitted cardigan, socks, crocheted bib, embroidered bib, embroidered hooded towel, crocheted and sewn blankie dolls, a sewn windmill, diaper bag, and diaper pouch, felted booties, felted flower, crocheted bottle holder in the shape of a cow, a quilt, sewn shirt and pant set, pacifier holder with a pocket that looks like a mouse that the paci could be stored in, a tatted bookmark, 2 oncies with prints on them, books and games for Sinterklaas, and decorations for Sinterklaas. So many gorgeous presents! And each is even more wonderful then the next. (Of course this would be a circle without an end…) Each piece is a wonderful example of craft(wo)manship, and we were so excited that we were the recipients of this wonderful present. We are very thankful to this amazing group of friends.

Next time I will tell you a little more about what I HAVE been doing while I was quiet here, because there were indeed some project that at least have been worked on during this time.


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