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Three months later

As you might have figured, not too long after the last blog post, more then 3 months ago, my family was increased with a darling, absolutely lovely daughter. And of course that is when my leisure life had to be put on hold for a while. Hardly surprising, but babies really do take all the time you give them, especially the first 3 months. What? You want a picture? Alright. This was a day after she was born.

She really is a wonderful baby, sleeps a lot, doesn’t cry much, and grows very, very well.  At this point she has found her thumb, and finally gives me a little more time for…. Me.  So, I have a chance to catch up with all my crafting friends, and even get a little knitting done here and there.

What have I been working on?  Oh this and that…  Wait, you actually want to know?  Hmm, let’s see.  One of my favorite things to work on are shawls.  And I have about 3 active on my needles at this point.  Two came from one of my favorite designers, Mmario.  The first one, that is currently furthest, is called Hippo Gnu Deer.  I am currently a little further then this picture, but I don’t believe I have shown you this yet, and the current one would not be all that much more interesting.

I am also working on Caroling, Caroling, the latest Mmystery Kal that was organized by Mmario.  The Kal was of course finished a couple of months ago, but I am no where near finished on it yet:

And the third one is a brand new start:

Yep, you have seen that right, it is the Poem sock yarn of the socks that I took out because my gauge had changed QUITE significantly over time.  I think it is actually much happier as a shawl.  I will probably have an update on that next time.  I also have some other things on my needles, as well as a couple of things that came off the needles, and I promise, I will tell you about all in due time.


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