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And here she is

I had a friend who very generously gave me a 11/0 bead to use in my tatting.  Unfortunately, life got in the way, and it took a week and a half between asking and seeing her again.  I had never used a bead that small in my knitting, and did not have any that would have done, especially if it was to be an eye.  When we last saw each other, I had finished the one part, and was about to start the second part, which needed the bead.  But today, after I got the bead, I quickly continued.

Here is the 9th installment:


And since I really wanted to finish with the rest, I quickly continued with day 10, and 11, and went so fast, that I forgot to make a picture of day 10!  But here is the final picture, with the whole gorgeous little lady finished:


Today I learned the alligator join!  And I learned that big rings are much harder to keep neat when closing them up.  But then, it is my first project in tatting, and I am still proud of it.


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