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Promised socks and more

It seems like I start every post with a reflection of how long it has been.  So I won’t do it!  There is much I want to do, and just not enough time to do everything.  I am going to start today with a picture from my yard.  I know I don’t very often speak of my yard, even though it is also one of my hobbies.  It is one I unfortunately don’t have as much time for as I would like.  But last weekend I managed to hit some end of season sales, and we finally decided what plant to plant behind our gate.  It was just a little corner, not much room, and I could just not figure out what I wanted.  Well, I think I figured it out.  I wanted something with color, something that wasn’t going to be too tall, and this is what is there (at least for now).

It is called Autumn Sage, or Salvia greggii ‘Red’.  It is supposed to like dry weather, full sun, and will bloom from mid spring well into the fall.  It is native to this area, and attracts butterflies.  These last two are always a plus to me.

This spring North Haven Gardens had a couple of tubs of different, bare-root, cannas.  While it was of course not certain that you actually end up with what you think you have, as the tubs stand close together, and someone might put a root back in the wrong place, I bought a couple of canna roots that I thought were very pretty.  After a very strange summer, in which my cannas didn’t really bloom at all, the arrival of autumn seems to have woken them up a bit, and this is one of the first gorgeous flowers.  I am pretty sure this is a Canna ‘Pretoria’, though that is supposed to have variegated leaves, and mine does not have variegated leaves.  But that is okay with me, I love the flower:

Have I sworn off knitting you ask?  Of course not.  But, it is finally cooling down a little here in Texas, and I get a chance to do some playing in the garden without being instantly sunburned and dehydrated.  Just to proof that I have not gone totally on the garden tour, I will show what I am currently working on.  My oldest wanted new socks, because his older ones, well… He sort of, kind of outgrew them.  So.. Here is a progress report:

If the yarn seems familiar, it is indeed the same yarn (the same skein even) as the yarn I used for his brother earlier this year.  It is a good thing their feet are small enough, that I can make more then one pair from a skein.  Because this yarn, Meilenweit Merino, is to the best of my knowledge not sold in the US.  I will have to get some more from Europe, when I get a chance…  It is sooo soft!  I am using the Foxglove master pattern from the “New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One” by Cat Bordhi.  I absolutely love this book.  It is the 3rd pair I am making from this book.  It takes a little getting used to, as the Master patterns are more recipes then patterns, but it also is one of the things I love about it.  It means I measure my son’s foot, do a very few, very well explained calculations, and look up a few numbers in a couple of tables, and I can make any of the patterns in this book for him.  I am almost ready to start the heel on this first sock, which will be the reinforced heel.  Maybe I will be able to show you next time.


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