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Completely done

I realized that it has been a few weeks, but for good reason.  My poor DS1 did not have a single sweater to put on when the weather turned cold over the last couple of weeks.  What is a knitting mommy supposed to do?  Knit him one of course!  LOL

Truthfully, I started it sometime in July, but did not really start working on it until after I finished my shawl.  (Some priorities are made here… 😀 )  A couple of days ago, it got finished.

IMG_7112 IMG_7114

It has warmed up now, of course, but when it gets cold (Texas standards anyway… 😉 ), he will have a sweater.

The pattern is this aran sweater from Drops.  It is a fun pattern, except for the fact that I needed a size 5/6 circumference, 7/8 body length, and 11/12 sleeve length!!!!  I guess my kid has long arms.  LOL  I used Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red, and it turned out very soft and squishy.  The hardest part was to keep track of 3 different charts with 3 different number of rows simultaneously.  But once you get it started, and are able to read your knitting that was actually not bad.  The patterns are pretty instinctive.  Oh, and I changed the ribbing to 2×2 ribbing, instead of the 1×1 the pattern requested.

A sneak peak of my next project? Alright:



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That is what I had in mind when I started thinking about a baby blanket for my brother and his wife, or rather for their second child.  I had given the oldest a blanket, and thought it would be nice to give her new sibling one as well.  I was fully prepared to create another pattern from scratch, even though I had never worked cables in the way I was envisioning.  I knew it was possible, and went off looking at Ravelry to get some ideas and inspiration.  To my surprise I found almost exactly what I had in mind.  Close enough that I just decided to use that pattern instead.  (no use reinventing the same wheel twice…) What pattern?  It was the Cabled Blanket by Bernat.  (You do need to register for free.  Why do they put all these patterns behind registrations?  I have no clue.  Probably has to do with data mining/marketing…)

There were a couple of changes I had to make; the pattern used chunky yarn, I wanted to use Lion Brand’s Pound of love.  I also wanted to make a size that might be used for a European size crib.  So, back in May I started on this project.  Turns out, when I made a gauge swatch (When you change size yarn, and want a specific size end product, a gauge swatch is a must!) with the worsted weight I had chosen, it was close enough to the suggested gauge that I could change the needles, get gauge, and still get a fabric I liked.  So I did some quick calculations, and got started on the actual blanket.  It took me most of 3 months, and more then a pound of yarn, but I finished it earlier this month.

The color is pretty close to the first picture.  A very nice green/blue, the yarn it self behaved very nicely, and I have no complaints.  I included the last picture because, personally, I love the cables, and I love the fact they go directions other then a twist straight up.  Now that I know the secret(Really, not very complicated.  You just don’t use equal number of stitches in the 2 ‘strands’ of the cable.) I am certain I will use the technique again.  And I will play with the cables, to see what directions I can let them wander.  The blanket came out to be about 39 inches by 56 inches, or 99 cm by 142 cm, which is within an inch each way of what I was aiming for.  So… I am a happy camper.  The baby was born on August 10, a healthy little girl named Lizz.  I sent the blanket on Monday, the 13th, and they opened the box on Friday the 17th, in front of Skype, which, personally, I thought was awesome!  They were very happy with it, which made me happy in turn.  Welcome to the world Lizz, I hope you may use the blanket a long time and in good health.

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