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Many knitters knit only at home. But there is a definite and I think growing group of knitters who also like to bring a project along, to knit on when they wait at the doctor’s office, drinking coffee with a friend, traveling (provided you are not the one doing the driving), or even standing in line at the grocery store. But, what makes a good travel project?

Well, first of all it has to be relatively small. Of course there are some exceptions, some of you have seen me traveling quite happily with my Oregon project. And in the end it was definitely not small.

An second requirement is that it does not require lots of different tools. If all you need is yarn, needles, and a 1 page pattern, then that makes it in my opinion a good travel project. Which is why a lot of knitters use a sock or a dishcloth as a travel project. But it is also why I didn’t mind taking Oregon along, because despite it’s size, it was just needles, yarn and a 1 page pattern, and one that was pretty easy to stay on track on. I am also pretty flexible, because I have also done car travel with a lace shawl that needed beads. That is not for everyone, as the risk of spilling your beads is relatively big, depending on your “beading system”.

As I mentioned before, I pulled out a couple of projects from the UFO stack, one being the Andromeda socks, which is a great travel project. Except when you go traveling and discover you did not choose the right needle size. But that is the bane of any travel project.
But I also pulled out Casablanca. This is definitely NOT a travel project. This is the average set-up when I work on it:

Yes, that is a wine glass, though that is not always part of my setup. But the magnetic board with 4 letter-size pages, the crochet hook with cork on it, the tube of beads, a small ziplock container to keep a few beads at a time in, the cone of yarn, and of course the project on the needles, are a requirement for almost every other row I do. The return rows or even rows don’t need all the tools, as they are pretty much border stitches in garter and purl stitches for the rest. I think you can understand though, why this is not a very good travel project? 😀


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I was talking about it before, and have finally decided to actually do it. I am going to talk about all the projects I currently have in progress. But first I am going to share about a wonderful package that arrived today. I received a terrific gift certificate from a very dear friend, and finally got around to spending it. The first and foremost item was actually lace blocking wires. I am hoping to be able to more easily block lace shawls with these. Then there was that pattern that caught my eye, and since it was on sale, I decided to indulge myself. It is a knitted twin set, as in a cardigan and shell. But the bulk of the package was actually wonderfully soft, scrumptious looking yarn. There is a skein of Centolavaggi lace weight yarn, in a chestnut color, a skein of Heritage sock yarn in the color Camel, and 4 skeins of Nirvana lace weight in the color dove, a very nice silvergrey. At 1531 yards, the Centolavaggi should be plenty for a shawl, and the 4 skeins or Nirvana add up to 1488 yards, which I also think should be a very nice shawl. I am looking forward to matching it to a pattern, but first I want to finish some of my UFO’s.

And here is the list of projects I am currently working on.

First, there is a pair of socks. The pattern is Andromeda, and I am using Knitpicks Stroll yarn. At the beginning of this year this is how they looked:

Then there is my Casablanca shawl, which looked like this at the beginning of the year:

I am making it using Zephyr lace weight. The pattern was made available through a KAL by Anne Cousins. I am unaware of any source where the pattern is currently available. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Third, I am working on the 22 leaves Shawlette, using Pagewood Farm’s Chugiak. Around the first of the year it looked like this:

Fourth would be A’tuin, a very pretty but somewhat problematic pattern designed by Mmario. I have not quite gotten to the part where everyone who has attempted this shawl is stuck, but it is not far out. Mmario has said that he will figure it out, but currently A’tuin is not cooperating. What else would one expect from a turtle who carries a whole world on it’s back.

I am using some 5/2 pearl cotton.

And my last knitting project would be my Icelandic Lace Shawl. It uses Brooks Farm’s Acero. It has been patient, and been waiting for me while I have been off having affairs with other shawls. It’s main problem is that it gets to be too hot to knit in these Texas summers. This is what it looks like:

However, that is not all. I am also working on a crocheted afghan:

I am using Wintuk yarn for this one. There will be 63 squares in the end, and around the beginning of the year I had finished 27 squares.

There is another afghan, a ripple afghan, that I am “aware” of floating somewhere around the house, but I could not actually put my hands on it to take a picture of it.

I also do cross stitch, and I am working on Bird Feeder by Thea Gouverneur, but this one is going reeeaaal slow:

And last but not least, my bobbin lace:

It is just a little flanders edging, and it is a lot of fun to do, as long as my 2 year old doesn’t tear the bobbins off. That makes progress very slow, as I am not usually in the mood to fix it when that happens.

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Okay, that was really sad. My last blog entry I was being all proud about having finished my spinning, and then it was quiet for more then a month. I promise I will do better! If I had any readers checking regularly, they are probably gone by now. But if anyone is still around, I will promise to blog more frequently. I do have some rather nice progress pictures tho. I finally finished Clue 3 for Casablanca,

with yet again a couple of extra beads. 😉

I added the beads where the “Windows” had an series of 3 knit stitches, on the middle knit stitch. I like how this shawl is turning out.
I also finally finished the last round and a half of Chart 2 for A’tuin. And I promised pictures of that as well.

And a closer look:

I am also very much enjoying working on this pattern. I am getting to part of the pattern where there are currently some problems, and MMario is trying his best to sort them out. I will either be patient, or try to discover what the problem is for my self. 🙂 I am currently not knitting very quick, since Dear Son (21Mos) has decided that making lace is more interesting for him to watch. Maybe I will so so of that the next time I blog. But it means that when he is awake, and I have a little time to sit down and do something fun, then he asks me to look at the lace pillow, not the lace knitting. Combine that with house hunting, and my spare time is pretty well used up. 🙂 So, I am going to end this post, hopefully hit publish rather then save, so I don’t have to wonder next time why it is not showing up, and get back to knitting. Happy Labor Day!

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Yesterday I had some shawls yelling at me. A’tuin from MMario and Casablanca were fighting about who would get most of my attention. I eventually sat both of them down and told them if they behaved that way I was going to spend some time with Oregon. That apparently was too much, because they agreed to just share the time, as long as they would both get attention.

So I worked on Casablanca some, and finished up to row 47 I believe. I am absolutely loving how this is turning out. I think Anne C. is doing a great job. Of course I am on clue 2, and clue 5 came out yesterday, but oh well. 🙂 All good things come slowly, as the dutch proverb goes. Here is a picture of the first clue finished. I will take a picture again after I am done with the second one.

A’tuin is also coming along nicely, and after I worked on it a couple of rows, I got to row 53. Right now I am still working on the shell part, and I am loving the ground that Mmario chose to use for it. It looks like a turtle shell to me. For those who are wondering, A’tuin is based on the Discworld Books by Terry Pratchett. I have just recently started reading this series, and am liking what I have read so far. Not that that is necessarily a lot. But I seem to be doing all kinds of things in very little pieces at a time. Apparently that is part of being a mother? But at least I do have some time for “me” things. This is a very good thing. Oh, and here is a picture of A’tuin, after the 1st chart.
It has grown bigger, but the pattern has not changed much. Again, I will get a new picture after I am done with this chart. The next section looks like fun.

And then there was of course my spinning too….. Well just see my progress I guess. I know people will probably look at it and go eeeuw… But hey it is my first attempt, and I am pretty proud of it!

Oh, and I guess I promised some other pictures too. Here is the Heron Dishcloth:

And here is the diagonal dishcloth that I just sort of made up:

Please, feel free to let me know what you think! And now we will be off to find materials for DS’s not yet realized little desk. 😀

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