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Take this sweater for example:

I will be the first to admit, it looks kind of odd, laying there, on the table, just to have it’s picture taken.  You can, however, get a really good look at the color play caused by the yarn this way.  I love that part.  And actually, I really love the sweater.  The ‘sleeves’ go just over the edge of my shoulder, still covering my bra straps, and the whole thing looks really kind of nice.  And I am not the only one who says so.  It took me a while to knit it, but it was fun.  The yarn had been given to me by a dear friend, as a secret Santa present.  The pattern?  It is called Summer Darling, a pattern from Drops.  I made mine a little longer then the pattern called for, I happen to be kind of tall, and the top fell quite a bit above my waistband without the extra length, something I am not fond of.  Now it falls right at my waistband, and I am quite happy with it.  I called my version Purple Pleasure…  😀

The bottom edge has a little pattern/lace to brighten it up:

I used Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale Solid, a 100% cotton yarn, in the purple colorway, with the very catchy name 9563.  I ended up buying a 5th skein, for a total of 700 yards, and when I was done, I had about 11 feet left!  The yarn, being cotton is a bit on the splitty side, but it’s beauty (for me) made more then up for that.  If I would make this top a gain, I would probably rewrite it for a lighter weight, since we do not need heavy summer tops in our neck of the woods.  Fantasy Naturale is an Aran weight, and belongs more on a winter sweater, though it being cotton does make all the difference.  Even with our hot days (yes, we already hit 90 several days here) it is a very comfortable top to wear.  The color is gorgeous, consistent, and does not appear to bleed.

Definitely a pattern I would recommend, do not let the odd looking finished product fool you.


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Dresses Galore

A girl has got to have a dress.  No, that is not my belief, but my oldest daughter’s.  She is 3 years old, and at times a real girly girl.  I have been showing you some pictures of a dress I was making for her.  Well, it got finished:


It will fit her this winter, the sleeves are about 3/4 length, which will work out just fine.  I did add quite a few rounds on the bodice, and even more on the skirt.  Now it comes to her knees, or actually a little below.  The pattern was from the UK Hand Knitting  Association, and because their website appears to be under construction, here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry.  As mentioned before, I used yarn that was somewhat different from the pattern’s suggested yarn, and I had to adjust stitch and row counts.  But she is thrilled with how it turned out, wore it already, even if it is a little big, and can’t wait for the weather to turn cooler so she can wear it again.  For more details, you can look at my previous post about this dress.

And because she could not wear it in the summer when it was 100 degrees (about 40 Celsius) outside, and I found a pattern that a dear friend had given to me a while back for a simple summer dress, I figured I would make her a summer dress as well.  The yarn I used was Patons Australia Four Seasons 8 Ply Crepe, unfortunately now discontinued.  I used US6 (4 mm) needles.  The pattern was printed on a single sheet of paper, and when I went looking for it, I could not find much of any information about it.  Also it was very quickly clear to me that it was very poorly written, and the stitch counts were just plain wrong for the most part.  But the dress was very simple, so I took the idea and made my own variation. This was the result:


Yes, you see correctly, the ends had not even been woven in.  She just had to wear it the moment it came off my needles.

A day later it was properly finished, and washed:

IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7885

It was a fun and easy little knit that could easily be scaled up to fit bigger girls.

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Completely done

I realized that it has been a few weeks, but for good reason.  My poor DS1 did not have a single sweater to put on when the weather turned cold over the last couple of weeks.  What is a knitting mommy supposed to do?  Knit him one of course!  LOL

Truthfully, I started it sometime in July, but did not really start working on it until after I finished my shawl.  (Some priorities are made here… 😀 )  A couple of days ago, it got finished.

IMG_7112 IMG_7114

It has warmed up now, of course, but when it gets cold (Texas standards anyway… 😉 ), he will have a sweater.

The pattern is this aran sweater from Drops.  It is a fun pattern, except for the fact that I needed a size 5/6 circumference, 7/8 body length, and 11/12 sleeve length!!!!  I guess my kid has long arms.  LOL  I used Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red, and it turned out very soft and squishy.  The hardest part was to keep track of 3 different charts with 3 different number of rows simultaneously.  But once you get it started, and are able to read your knitting that was actually not bad.  The patterns are pretty instinctive.  Oh, and I changed the ribbing to 2×2 ribbing, instead of the 1×1 the pattern requested.

A sneak peak of my next project? Alright:


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Time to show off

The top I made for my daughter.  I don’t know if you remember, at Christmas I received a couple of skeins of sock yarn.  I had decided it was the perfect color to make a cute summer top for my 2 year old daughter.  Well, several weeks worth of knitting later (remember, I have 4 little kids, a week worth of knitting is often not much… 😉 ), this is the result:

Whole top2

And some close-ups?  Sure, why not.   The shoulder/neckline.

detail2 top

I chose the rounded neckline with the lace shoulder straps, and an Icord edging.  The pattern actually has several options you can chose from.

Detail top

After a stockinette top, it has the cutest eyelet row (you could put a ribbon through this, I chose not to) and continues with a lace part.

detail lace

A slightly better look at the lace part.

And a good look at the lace edging on the bottom:

detail hemline

The pattern is called Clara, by Amber Bertram.  The pattern is good, though the ending chart for the lace is wrong.  The written part is correct.  I wrote the designer, but have not heard anything back from her.  The pattern contains the sizes 3 months to 10 years.  The yarn I used is Merino Nylon Sock by Atomic City Fibers.  Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to find anything better then this Ravelry link for the yarn.  It seems you have to go to the Clinch River Yarn Company to buy it.  The yarn is good, and very nicely dyed.  I am happy with the top, and more importantly, my daughter is in love with it.  She has worn it several times already, with or without a long-sleeve shirt underneath it for warmth.

Now, on to the next thing…. My son wants a sweater for his birthday….

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Right now?  Right now I am sitting at my laptop typing a blog post… ;P

But what I want to tell you about is what I have been doing while you have not been seeing much of me here.  For Christmas, my mother-in-law took me to a lovely local yarn store in Clinton, TN.  It is called The Clinch River Yarn Company.  It was a little tricky to find, as it looks at first glance just like any other house along North Charles G. Seivers Blvd., but upon closer inspection, and  paying more attention while driving buy, you can’t miss the big sign in the front yard.  And there was even a rock with a knitted coat…  😀  My apologies, I didn’t bring my camera, so I don’t have any pictures.  The store itself was full of yarn.  I think there were 4 or 5 rooms, with walls full of yarn.  And yarn was also in the middle of the rooms.  And yet it was wonderfully spacious, and very easy to navigate.  I was walking around with a 2 year old attached to me, and never felt very crowded.  The owner was also wonderful, available to help, but in no way pushy.  And when I thought that I had seen all, there was yet another room I had not been in.  It is deceptively big inside!  I ended up with some gorgeous locally dyed sock yarn.  It was dyed by Atomic City Fibers.  It is a nice, even, well plied sock yarn, with a great dye job.  There was quite some variety in terms of saturation among the different colors, but they all were beautiful.  There were 2 skeins per color on display, but 4 available, and the skeins of the same color (as far as I could tell) matched in dye-job.  I ended up with this green, it is actually called Green Salts:


The put up is 50 grams, or 1 3/4 oz and 218 yards.  It is 75% fine superwash merino, 25% nylon, and so wonderfully soft!  Have I started using it yet?  Well, yes!  I actually ran out to Walmart, a place I don’t go to very easily, because I just don’t like it, and tried to get some needles.   I had fully intended on leaving the yarn alone until I got home, where I have plenty of needles, but I just could not get my mind off of it.  And at the yarn store, I had seen a gorgeous little top that I was planning to make with this yarn, for my oldest daughter.  I managed to find some US 3 needles, DPN’s, not circs (which is what I was looking for), and got started:


I am a little further now, I have used 2 skeins so far, and they work beautifully together.

The pattern is called Clara by Amber Bertram.  It starts with a stockinette bodice on top, and continues with a wonderfully lacy lower half.  This is not a very good picture, I promise I will make a better one next time.  The pattern has quite a few different options so you can customize all you want.  Shaped neckline, square neckline, solid or lattice shoulder straps, a fitted or more roomy lower part, 3 different hem options, it is all possible.  And the sizes are from 3 month all the way to 10 years!  There was a tiny mistake in the chart for the lace hem, but the written version for it is correct.  I did write the designer on Ravelry, but have not heard anything from her.  The pattern in general is very well written, and I think I am likely to make it again in a different size some time.  My daughter can’t wait for me to get it finished.



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Some FO’s

While I took a little sabbatical from the Blog, I did do some more knitting.  I promised I would show, so…

First up, a pair of socks for my youngest son, DS2.  He saw this yarn, and just had to have a pair of socks.  I didn’t quite manage to make them matching, but he doesn’t care.  I hope they are big enough he can wear them next year too.  The pattern is from ‘New Pathways for Sock Knitters’ by Cat Bordhi, the Riverbed Master pattern.  The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Merino 100, as you can see that is quite a bright mix of colors.  It really is a shame that apparently Meilenweit Merino is not for sale in the USA… 😦  I love this yarn, it is sooo soft!

Next was the cardigan for DS1, a pattern I made up myself.  I think it worked out rather well, in my opinion.  He is very happy with it, which is of course the most important thing.  The yarn was a very old worsted weight Wintuk by Sears.

And last but not least, I actually made some progress on my crochet afghan with 63 different blocks.  Here are block 34:

and block 35:

As I said, there are supposed to be 63 of these, and I am making them ‘in order’, at least the way there are listed in the book.  The order in which they are attached according to the picture is quite different.  It is fun to make squares with a different pattern each time, but 63 is an awful lot…  I try to do at least one a month, but the last couple of months have not gotten quite that much done.  Oh well.

If I can get WordPress to talk to Facebook, those of you following on Facebook get an update again, but since Facebook has cancelled the link, I have not been able to show my posts on my wall.  😦  I finally found something on WordPress that supposedly worked the same way, but I can’t get them to talk together.  Yet.

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Where I live we have hardly had any rain since June 21st, and it has been HOT! As in over 100 degrees hot. Makes you not really want to knit, and makes you beg for some rain. But last Saturday, we woke up to the most wonderful sound, even if it was 5:30 in the morning. It was raining. We got all of about 30 mm/1.27inches, but still, it was wonderful, slow, and lasted for several hours. Because I have been looking for something else to knit on (sometimes only having Oregon shawl to knit on is really getting a little…. tedious), and because, even though it is very hard to believe, winter will eventually head our way again, I have cast on a new project. Here is what I have to show for a lovely, grey, dreary Saturday:

When I started out, I was thinking I would knit the famous Tomten jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. (It appears pretty difficult to find a picture/page of the pattern, without having to scroll down a ways. If you are interested in the pattern, you can check here, about one third of the way down.)

But when I actually started making a gauge swatch (I am using some old Sears Wintuk from my stash, the same I used for my son’s sweater last year, though that was blue, and this is white), I also started thinking about the cardigan. I did a gauge swatch, because I really didn’t like the material I ended up with last year. The needle suggestion on the yarn was quite a bit larger then what the pattern for the sweater had suggested, and as a result the material was rather stiff. So, this time I used US 10/6mm needles, and the material is much nicer. But, I didn’t really want a zipper, or knit garter stitch for ever. So, I decided to add buttons, and of course a buttonhole band, I decided I wanted stockinette material, rather then garter stitch, and I wanted to add a cable on each front. And because of the gauge I was getting, I would have to change the stitch counts. And I realized I have actually ended up with a completely different pattern! One I will be designing myself… Oh well, worse things have happened, right?

And it was apparently exactly what I needed, because Oregon Shawl has also made more progress. I actually finished the second skein, and have at the same time done about three and a quarter repeats of the sides:

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