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A Contest

I just had word that the contest is open to voting, so I will post here about it too. I have entered a design contest with a design of my own. I of course can’t tell you which one is mine, but please visit this website:


There is a button on the left that says design contest, and if you click that you get taken to the participating designs. Vote on the one you like best. 🙂 There is a button underneath the designs that says “Vote Here”, and on the next page you can select the design you liked best, and click “Vote Now”. May the best design win!

On the knitting front, after I finished this entry, I have been working on some socks I will tell you about some other time, a dish cloth, and quite a few other things. None of my own design though. That designing takes quite a bit of time! But it was fun, so maybe I will do it again. I have also been working on some squares for a baby blanket for a great yahoo group I have been connected with, LoneStar State Knitters. They make a baby blanket for members who are having their first baby or grand baby while being a member of this list. I got a blanket when my youngest was born, so I am doing my part to get a blanket for some of the other members. There seems to be a baby boom, because I am knitting a square for 5 different members! But it is quick and fun. I will take a picture before I send them out, hopefully Monday.


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