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As I mentioned, I am working on a swatch for the Flit ‘n Float Scarf. I finished knitting it yesterday, but did not get to block it until today. And because I was trying to figure out whether I want to use this yarn for the scarf, I figured I should definitely wet block it, so I could figure out the fabric, but also the size. Well, here it is:
Swatch It is 8 inches wide, which is the width the scarf is supposed to be, and 2 inches high. I did not block it all that hard, seeing how it is only a swatch, and a little difficult to stretch. But I am pleased. I am also pleased with the Harmony yarn I was trying out on it. If you want to read a little more about it, you should look here. I have used US 4 needles. I like my lace scarfs and shawls rather open. 😀 I am very pleased that the color did not change yet, which I think means that the color changes will be infrequent enough that it won’t fight with the pattern. This pleases me to no end. I was really looking forward to using this yarn. And now I will.

I also finished the first sock for Dear Son # 1. Here is the result:
Now I just need to get started with #2, hopefully tonight.

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