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Something to knit while it is hot

I told you I was working on something that was perfect for this weather. Well, here it is:

These are knitted earrings from this pattern. I attempted to create the 2nd set. I am very thankful to my wonderful friend who provided the thread/wire, the cable thimbles and the hangers. It gave me that last push to try this. It is now really too hot to knit anything made from yarn, but this just fit the bill. It was not as hard as I had been afraid it was going to be, but it was definitely more awkward than I had hoped it was going to be.

Here are some things I discovered:
1. Jewelry wire is more fragile than you might think. You need some sharp cutters to cut it, otherwise it might just break somewhere you don’t intend it to. I had some old cutters for cutting the wire of the first earring, and the wire broke about 4 inches away from where my cutters were trying to cut through the wire. Thankfully not in a spot where it would cause any real issues.
2. You have to be careful not to tighten the wire too tight around the needle, otherwise it will be impossible to get your needle into the stitch the next go around.
3. The stitches won’t run (like stitches in yarn sometimes do), unless you do something really weird. Don’t ask how I found out.
4. It is a rather quick little project, with immediate results.
5. Wire kinks. When this happens, it creates rough spots on the wire that make me wonder if it weakens the wire.

In regards to the pattern, I think the finishing instructions are a bit confusing, or maybe that is just my overheated mind. In any case, what I did was a little different then what the pattern said. I did the following: Cut the wire(s), leaving a 3-4 inch tail. Thread the wire(s) through the live stitches, and through the first and second side of the cable thimble, put/hang the earring hanger on the cable thimble, then run the wire(s) through the live stitches again, from the opposite side, and wrap the tail a few times around the top, just below the cable thimble. Trim the wire. Also, I threaded the beginning tail through first row of beads, to secure it, and hide the ends, and then trimmed it.

I used size 1 (2.25mm) needles, rather then size 2 (2.75mm). This meant they became a little smaller and denser then the original, which suited me just fine. I was surprised how well my Knitpicks Harmony sock needles held up under the abuse. It was a fun little project, and I will probably try something like this again.


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