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Autumn is almost here

Autumn is supposed to start in a little over a week.  Elsewhere the weather is starting to get cooler, and maybe some leaves are already turning.  This morning, as I left the house at around 7 am, it was actually cool outside.  Something I have not experienced here in way too many months.  Highs in the afternoon are still around 95 degrees (35C).  And yet the feel of autumn is in the air.  The kids went back to school.  In the mornings it is dark just a little bit longer, and in the evenings it gets darker just a little earlier each day.  Cub scouts has started again, with all the chaos that being treasurer at dues times brings.  Plans for camping trips are being made.  And slowly but surely I am realizing how badly I have neglected some parts of my life, parts that I do enjoy, but are not absolutely “necessary”.  When you have 4 kids home over the summer, necessities are about all that happens… 😉

And even before that, I was quite negligent (for multiple reasons) in showing you the things I did.  I hope I remember them, and have pictures of those items that no longer live at our house.  Let’s see, where do I start.

Oh, the items I made for the (DO NOT LAUGH!!) Christmas Ornament exchange last year.  I could not tell you about them, because the recipient had not received  them yet.  And once she did, I almost forgot, because the year just turned so hectic.  I am part of a great handcraft group (online) and every once in a while we have an exchange.  They are always fun, and I try to usually participate.  This time the topic was Christmas Ornament.  Anything you could decorate with for the holidays.  This is what I made:

Ster1 Ster2

Two stars, made out of size 10 crochet thread, using a size 8 (1,5mm)  crochet hook.  The top one was made following a pattern called Salmon Glacier Snowflake.  It was a pretty simple pattern, though well written.  And really quick, you only crochet 3 rounds!  And because it was so quick, I decided to make a second, but different, one.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had real trouble choosing which one to make…  It is not like there are thousands of gorgeous, big and little crocheted snowflake patterns on the internet.

The second one was made from a pattern called Century Snowflake.  It was equally fun to make, and the little hearts in the center were so cute!  (In my humble opinion of course… 😉 )

I was also spoiled, in the swap, I received this:


Isn’t he very, very cute?  And such awesome stitching.

Now, before I leave, I also want to show you this:


Just a simple scarf, using Fisherman’s Rib, or the one below stitch.  DS2 was soo cold last winter, he just had to have a scarf.  And this is a marvelously thick, cushy and warm scarf, perfect for a 5/6 year old.  He wanted bright, so bright he got.  🙂  Some of you might recognize the yarn from the sweater he got last year.  It is Caron Simply Soft, in Rainbow Bright.  I used Needle size 8 (5mm).  A closeup?  Sure, here you go:


He was thrilled with it.


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