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Simply Saturday

The boys are taking a nap, which allows me to update you on my progress on Oregon. Haven’t been doing much else, so there wasn’t much to report on. But I made my goal, I finished the 9th repeat of the center pattern. Here is the proof:
I believe there are 4 more repeats to go. While it is very tempting to say I am going to try to finish those this coming week, I think think I will do that. I have guests coming this next weekend, and I should clean the house a bit more then my usual “hobby addicted” way. 😀 And my guests will stay for a week, so I think my goal for the next 2 weeks will be to finish the center. I will try to give an other update next weekend, but I can’t promise as I won’t have as much time while my guests are here.

I can hardly believe that I am getting to the end of the center. When I started it, when I was doing one repeat a week, because that was all I had time for, I thought it was going to take me for ever. And now it is almost done… As you might have been able to tell from the pictures, I have not used any stitch markers so far. I do plan on using some while picking up the border, and probably while knitting the border. hmm, I might have to make me some. That sounds like more markers then I have inactive right now. And I won’t put this on hold until I get more stitch markers freed up, they are too easy to make.

Well, the boys are still asleep, DH is working on his wish list, I think I will take this opportunity to get some rare weekend knitting time! Until next time!

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