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A small swimmer

For the last 10 years, Jane Eborall has hosted a tat it and see, also known as TIAS, in January. It is a small tatted pattern she designed, which she has broken up into small bits, and feeds to us every couple of days. We do not know what it will be, but we dutifully perform the required tatting, and then the fun begins. We send a picture of our segment to Jane, and start guessing. It is so much fun to follow along on the TIAS blog and read everyone’s guesses, see everyone’s thread choices. I have only followed along since I learned to tat just over a year ago, and this was my second TIAS.

It was so much fun, and I very much enjoyed the process.


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And here she is

I had a friend who very generously gave me a 11/0 bead to use in my tatting.  Unfortunately, life got in the way, and it took a week and a half between asking and seeing her again.  I had never used a bead that small in my knitting, and did not have any that would have done, especially if it was to be an eye.  When we last saw each other, I had finished the one part, and was about to start the second part, which needed the bead.  But today, after I got the bead, I quickly continued.

Here is the 9th installment:


And since I really wanted to finish with the rest, I quickly continued with day 10, and 11, and went so fast, that I forgot to make a picture of day 10!  But here is the final picture, with the whole gorgeous little lady finished:


Today I learned the alligator join!  And I learned that big rings are much harder to keep neat when closing them up.  But then, it is my first project in tatting, and I am still proud of it.

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Is it fluttering

I did skip showing you day 7 by itself.  I figured you might get a little bored with all the little updates to my little lacy thing.  I am more than happy to show you at this time though.


And I have to admit, I was completely at a loss as to what this might possibly turn in to.  I trust Jane Eborall enough that I believe I will have something fun and pretty when we are done.  The guesses have centered around a big gown and a butterfly, but I also saw some guessing a frog, or a snail.  But after day 7 everyone was a bit stumped.

Then came day 8.


And I most definitely see a butterfly wing at this point!  I actually had to tie, cut and hide my ends today!  We are going to start with a new thread, and the bead will finally come into play.  Lots of people were guessing a butterfly today.  Part of me hopes so, because it does look very pretty as a butterfly.  But how the one bead will be used?  I have no idea…

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To change it up a bit

I have something new to share with you.  Like some other knitters, I often like to bring a little project along, and one of the easiest projects to take along is a sock.  And my kids love hand-knit socks, so what do I do?  You guessed it, I knit them socks when I have some time that my hands are not busy, and I can’t go do something else.  It was my oldest son’s turn to get a pair of socks, and I had found a really cool sock yarn for him.  He approved, and off I went, starting just after summer break.  Well, last week they finally got their toes kitchenered closed. I think they had been waiting for 2 weeks for that, because that is the only part of the socks that I do not know by heart yet.  And then they disappeared onto my son’s feet before I thought about taking a picture!  So here they are, freshly washed, and a picture taken before my son comes home and claims them again.


The pattern is just plain vanilla, 2×2 rib board, straight knitting down the leg and a slip stitch heel.  Easy to do while paying attention to other things. The yarn?  Oh of course you want to know about the yarn!  The yarn is called Naked Sock from Wisdom Yarns, a brand under the Universal Yarn Umbrella.  The color is called Trapeze, color number 101, and it is actually completely wool free.  It is however machine washable and dry-able!  Very important when making socks for kids…  The actual composition, according to the label is 93% Acrylic, and 7% PBT.  Yes, I went to find what PBT actually is, and have given you a link.  Basically it is like Lycra, kind of elastic, and this yarn has quite a bit of stretch to it. It is put up in 100 gram balls, with 430 meters (470 yards) in that one ball.  It was fun to knit with, once I got used to the stretchiness.

Of course I am still tatting, and TIAS day 6 is up, so I did my best, and got it finished.


I still have no idea what it is going to be.  I keep changing my mind, and keep remembering that 1 little bead that will be added sometime before the end! I still have no idea, especially since there is only 1 bead needed. Most of the people, including a ballgown or crinoline lady would have 2 eyes, because usually they are not created in profile… And if the zigzag chain would be a garland or belt/ribbon (as some have been guessing), it would usually go down the right front (do not ask me why…) In other words, I am totally lost too! On the other hand, it could be a surprise, be a monk, dancing belle, looking off to the side. I am having much more trouble being patient now that I am part of the TIAS. When I was just watching, I was much more patient to find out what it was.

I guess we will see what the next part brings!

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Tias Day 3

And since today was a day off from school, and I therefore tried to take off a day from housework, and actually got to finish today’s installment!  I am now going to have to wait a day or 2 for the next one, but that is just fine with me.  tias3

I no longer think it will be a monkey, I am thinking it is the bottom of a vessel, like a pot or a basket.  As I understand it, picots are usually used to attach other parts of the pattern to, and while there are picots on both parts of the (currently) upright piece, the long horizontal piece doesn’t have any.  What that means, I do not know (yet).  😀

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TIAS day 2

Hmm, new interface to enter posts on WordPress.  If something seems out of place or odd, blame it on the new interface.  But I happily continue on my tatting adventure.  What I didn’t tell you last time, was that this little string of purple rings was the first time I did a picot, attached 2 (and more) rings together, and I even made a couple of split rings there.

On day 2 a join was made to a previously made picot.  I am starting to see the possibility of a monkey, this would be the top of it’s head, with 2 big ears, one on each side, but I doubt that that is what it is.  Besides, according to the description there is supposed to be one bead in the pattern, which is often an eye… My monkey would need 2 eyes.  What do you think it is?  Here is my progress so far:


I promise my knitting has not entirely disappeared, but I can only show you so many pictures of the shawl I am working on, before you become very, very bored…  And a 8 or so foot shawl takes a while to knit.  For now, enjoy my first steps into tatting, and guess along with me!  Do you think I will be able to keep up?  So far so good!

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And now…

My first post on tatting!  It is the 13th of January, and on the 1st I had not made a single double stitch.  Then last week I decided to join the TIAS 2017 a fun mystery pattern that I have watched in envy for the last couple years.  Jane Eborall has a tradition of hosting a TIAS (Tat It And See) every January, as far as I can tell since 2008!  She posts pictures, sent to her by tatters who follow along, and every one tries to guess what it will turn out to be this year.  I figured I should at least figure out how this tatting works before I even attempt to join, so I pulled out my Learning to Tat book, a present from my awesome knit group Secret Santa, and looked at a few different Youtube videos (sorry, do not remember which), and made myself a chain and ring:tat

Every “learn to tat” book, website, video I saw said to use Crochet cotton 5 or some such thing.  I used DMC 80, since I did not have crochet cotton 5, and had decided that if DMC 80 was too small I could always start over with something bigger.  Crochet cotton 5 is a fairly thick thread, almost yarn like, DMC much closer to sewing thread.  But I think it it worked pretty well.  BTW, that is a very normal sized pencil…

So, since I had plenty of other things occupying my attention (having 4 children between the ages of 3 and 10 will do that apparently…) I decided to see if I could learn the rest on the fly…  For the TIAS we were supposed to use Size 20 (quite a bit bigger then size 80 DMC…) and as it happened, I had some Lizbeth size 20 in my favorite color from the same Secret Santa!  She got me an awesome shuttle too, but since I needed 2 for this project, I decided to go with 2 that at least felt the same in the hand.  So I wound my shuttles and waited for the TIAS to begin.  And on January 11th, part 1 was published.  It took me a couple of days to get it done, though there really wasn’t not too much to do.  I had one false start…  Apparently I was tatting a bit tight, and when I tried to close my ring I broke the thread…  So I rewound the spool (since we were supposed to start with the continuous thread method (yep, I had to look that up too!), and tried again, with much better results:

tias1-1  No, I have no idea what it will be yet.  Tomorrow is part 2…  Will you guess with me?  Assuming I can manage to keep up even remotely?

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