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I finally did it, I finished spinning 4 ounces!! I am pretty proud of my self. I did not think I would ever manage to get the bobbin full, it took forever. Though I have to admit, it went much faster when I started spinning regularly because of the tour de fleece. Here is my results:
I know if anyone else looks like it they will probably think: Is that all? It has little curlycues coming out of it, and it really does not look that even! But it is the first thing I have ever spun! I am going to be working on the other 4, so I can ply them. I am now a bit anxious to see what the end result will look like. But I guess I have to be patient.

I have also been working on A’tuin and Casablanca, though Casablanca went backwards since the last post. I decided I wanted beads in the Moorish lattice. Every time I picked it up I said to my self: Next time I want to put beads in this part. Then I decided that it was a nice to knit, and it was only 20 rows back to where I wanted to put the first beads in, so I just ripped it. I tried dropping individual stitches, but that did not work so well. You keep running into other stitches that you then also have to drop. I decided rather then litterally having to drop all the stitches one by one, I would just frog and redo it. It is a bit of a gamble, since I don’t know what the complete stole will look like, but I think it will be okay. A’tuin is almost finished till the end of the 2nd chart. I promise, pictures will come when that happens. Back to knitting!


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Yesterday I had some shawls yelling at me. A’tuin from MMario and Casablanca were fighting about who would get most of my attention. I eventually sat both of them down and told them if they behaved that way I was going to spend some time with Oregon. That apparently was too much, because they agreed to just share the time, as long as they would both get attention.

So I worked on Casablanca some, and finished up to row 47 I believe. I am absolutely loving how this is turning out. I think Anne C. is doing a great job. Of course I am on clue 2, and clue 5 came out yesterday, but oh well. 🙂 All good things come slowly, as the dutch proverb goes. Here is a picture of the first clue finished. I will take a picture again after I am done with the second one.

A’tuin is also coming along nicely, and after I worked on it a couple of rows, I got to row 53. Right now I am still working on the shell part, and I am loving the ground that Mmario chose to use for it. It looks like a turtle shell to me. For those who are wondering, A’tuin is based on the Discworld Books by Terry Pratchett. I have just recently started reading this series, and am liking what I have read so far. Not that that is necessarily a lot. But I seem to be doing all kinds of things in very little pieces at a time. Apparently that is part of being a mother? But at least I do have some time for “me” things. This is a very good thing. Oh, and here is a picture of A’tuin, after the 1st chart.
It has grown bigger, but the pattern has not changed much. Again, I will get a new picture after I am done with this chart. The next section looks like fun.

And then there was of course my spinning too….. Well just see my progress I guess. I know people will probably look at it and go eeeuw… But hey it is my first attempt, and I am pretty proud of it!

Oh, and I guess I promised some other pictures too. Here is the Heron Dishcloth:

And here is the diagonal dishcloth that I just sort of made up:

Please, feel free to let me know what you think! And now we will be off to find materials for DS’s not yet realized little desk. 😀

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I have been spinning, I promise.  It seems to take forever, I have almost finished 3 ounces.  I was hoping that 4 ounces will fit on the bobbin, as I have 8 ounces of fiber, and was hoping to divide it between 2 bobbins before I ply it.  We’ll see.  When I read other people’s blog about spinning, they seem to do much more and spin much more quickly then I manage. Sometimes I wonder if it is going to take forever. One tip I have picked up somewhere, (Apologies, I don’t remember where) is to divide your fiber in specific pieces, like 1 or 2 ounces. I have realized that that makes it much easier to know whether you have made progress or not. I seem to be getting somewhat more even, so that is something at least, and I do think I am getting faster. Now I do hope that it won’t all fall apart when I get ready to ply….. Sorry, no pictures of the spun fiber yet.  But here are some over due pictures of MS 3:
MS 3 or Swan Lake in all it\'s glorie
And you know who tried to usurp it immediately?

Crab Dishcloth for Gma:

Red Crabby dishcloth

Red Crabby dishcloth

And you know who loves it?
Dishcloth in use

Dishcloth in use

And here is a quick look at the second cloth, cream, diagonal knit without holes:
See my nice cloth?

See my nice cloth?

The last one, the blue Heron is finished, but the photo is not off the camera yet. I will try to do that next time, as well as pictures of my spinning.

I do think I will have to play with the pictures a little. Not quite how I want them, but that will have to come later.
I have also been working on Casablanca recently. It is coming along nicely, though slowly. Of course, translating the files each week takes a little time. And I am also house hunting, which is pretty much taking most of 1 day per week. So knitting time is becoming somewhat of a premium, especially as I try to keep up with Tour de Fleece.
Anniversary got cut (literally). I knew there was a mistake, and I couldn’t find it. I had been thinking the yarn was wrong anyway, so I will retry it when I get yarn that wants to be it.

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Today was not what I would call a successful day.  I did get to spin 45 minutes today, so I am still on track for the Tour.  And I actually think I am getting the hang of this.  One of these days I will take a picture, to show of my first attempt at spinning.  In all honesty, I don’t think it looks all that bad.  Any other spinner is probably going to look at it and go: “That is pretty ….. Obviously a first attempt.”  But I don’t care.  (Well, I think I do, which is why I have not taken a picture to show it off. )  🙂  I have only gotten a couple of rows done on the dishcloth for Gma.  I hope to get some more done before I go to bed tonight, but DH probably wants dessert to.  DS was a little Terror today.  He fell asleep in the backpack at 10 am and that is usually a sure sign the day is going to be shot.  Normally he only naps after lunch.  And sure enough, I have not gotten to finish anything.  I knitted the couple of rows standing with the backpack on my back. 🙂  

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Yesterday it was very late when I actually signed up.  I cheated just a little, but I can justify it!  😀  I signed up late in the evening in the United States, so in reality, it was very early in the morning the next day in France! 😀  Actually, I did not get any spinning done yesterday, but I learned a little about this blogging thing, and I have started my Tour of Fleece.  I spun at least 30 minutes today, twice the amount that I am hoping to do daily for Tour de Fleece.  I am using some Corriedale Sliver, which is currently the only unspun fiber I own, but I intend to spin it all up before I go out to buy some more.and I am sure it won’t be the only fiber.  I find that I like spinning a lot.  I am hoping to be able to spin some nice thin yarn someday.  I don’t use bulky yarns, even worsted feels very big to me.  The spinning does mean that I have not been knitting quite as much.  I am still working on a dishcloth for my grandmother-in-law.  Her birthday is tomorrow, and since the lives in PA, and I in TX, I will have to mail it to her.  Oh well, I think I have a good chance of finishing it tomorrow or day after, so it won’t be too terribly late.  Gma likes dishcloths that one of her sister-in-laws made many, many years ago.  I never met this wonderful lady, she passed away before I met the family.  I do have an unfinished afghan (I am they only one in the family with the skill and the patience to have a chance to finish it) that is absolutely gorgeous and that I will finish one day.  But that means that the dishcloths are at least 14 or so years old, probably older, and I don’t remember seeing them last time I was there.  I do know that one, at least, had some unrepairable holes in it one of the times I saw it before that.  So I thought it would be nice to knit her some new ones.  She lives on the water, and likes crabs and other water creatures, so I am making a crab cloth, a blue heron cloth, and a diagonal without holes.  I could not find a pattern for the last one so I made up my own.  🙂  If I get lucky and have some time, I will put some pictures later.

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Okay, I think I figured some part of this out.  You can tell I am a newby at this, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get back to the post creation part of this blog.  Kind of sad, I know.  The Yarn Harlot made me do it.  I have been reading the Harlot’s blog for a little while now, and she always has something fun on her sleeve. This time she was talking about a Tour de Fleece. DH likes to watch Tour de France, so I thought I should at least go over and see. Apparently this is a thing where you set yourself a spinning related challenge. At first I thought “No way, I just started spinning a month and a half ago, there is no way” But then I was thinking, she says that this should be a personal challenge, and that it can be as big or as small as you think you can handle.  One thing that has sort of bugged me is that I seem to not spin as often as I think I should/would like to.  I feel like I could learn it much faster and better if I would just work at it a little every day.  So, today I signed up.  My goal is to spin a little every day.  Even if it is only 15 minutes.  It is going to be somewhat of a challenge to meet todays goal, but I will report tomorrow whether it worked.  DH is going to watch at least part of La Tour Du France at 11 pm, so I think I will have a little time to do some spinning.  I have downloaded the button, but not figured out yet how to put it on my blog.  Maybe I will try to do that tomorrow.  😀  Let see if I can upload it in this post at least.Seems to have worked.  ;’)  

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