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Towel Toppers

I do not blog very often about projects I crochet.  I do however know how to do it, as some of you might remember from a post almost a year ago, where I showed you the Swan Doily.  Recently I have not been working on something quite that intricate, but I did make some towel toppers for my mother-in-law.  The renovated their kitchen, and when we were there last christmas, she commented on one particular faded towel that she said was her favorite.  It had one of those towel toppers on it that you can loop through a drawer pull and button up.  After a little more questioning it was not the towel part or the color, but the topper that was what she liked.  I figured, a gorgeous new kitchen deserves new towels!  So, after a little study, I copied the topper, found a nice cotton towel and a gorgeous couple of buttons.  Their kitchen is dark wood and black, so those were the colors I chose.  And here is the result:

IMG_6428 IMG_6430


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