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Can I catch up now?

It is the end of February.  For some the spring seems already on it’s way, but for many the winter is still in full force.  Down here in Texas the weather is very …. varied.  Somedays it is gorgeous and 70 degrees (21 Celsius) and the next day the high can be right around 50 (10 Celsius).  This is a great way to get sick, because it is very hard to predict and therefore very difficult to dress appropriately.  Layers really are a style of necessity here.  Of course my favorite way to spend this period of the year would be on the couch, with a nice fire in the fire place, knitting the day away.  Too bad there are chores, children and all kinds of other things that need to be taken care of! 😀

Alright, back to my attempt to catch you up on all I have been working on during the blog black-out of 2012… LOL  Late last year, Ted. E. Bear came to stay the weekend with my oldest son.  This is a class teddybear who goes and stays with one of the students almost each weekend.  This was very important to my son, and one of the first comments he made was:  Mom, Ted E. Bear is cold.  Could you make him something?  Sure!  I have hardly a weekend the time to figure out what I can put together, but fortunately after just a little discussion, the problem was solved.  My son wanted a scarf made of the pink yarn.  Completely his choice, not mine, but I was perfectly happy with it.  A scarf is not terribly big, and the yarn was in my stash… So here are the results:



And yes, that needle on his lap is broken…  They were old, and apparently no longer prepared to do hard work.. 😉  But the scarf got finished, and my son was very happy with it.

Around the end of the year, I really wanted to get the socks I was making for my oldest, to almost match my 2nd son’s socks which I finished in February of last year, finished.  I think I started them over the summer, but the earliest progress pictures I found was in September.  But, New Year Eve’s day they finally got finished:


I used the Master pattern for …..  You know what?  I can’t find my copy of New Pathways from Cat Bordhi, and I don’t remember for sure which one it was!  It was fun to knit though.  And my son is happy with them.  They have hardly ever made it in the drawer, he tends to pull them off the drying rack as soon as they are dry… LOL

And my newest creation was a pattern for a little doll dress.  A friend brought me a dress she knit years ago, and had lost the pattern for.  Whether I could read the dress and tell her how it was made?  Sure, no problem.  The result, in my opinion was darling.


The doll is only about 4 or 5 inches tall (around 10-12 cm).

Now I believe you are al caught up with what I have finished.  There is much more going on…. I have also been working on the squares for my crocheted sampler afghan, and have about 11 blocks (I believe) until all the blocks are done.  And I actually picked up my cross stitch again, it had been a while.  I am working on a bird feeder, but I will show this to you some other time, as they are not finished yet.  I also have started a new shawl KAL (which ended about 2 months ago, I think) and am happily knitting away on it.  And I have about 3 other projects that I have either just started or am about to embarque upon…  Who says I might get bored?




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Alright, here is the promised review post. 😀 I am going to try to list all the things that I finished last year. Mind you, a lot of the year was spend knitting Oregon Shawl, and I think the rest of it was primarily smaller projects? We will see.

In January, I started and in February I finished the Limberlost Luna shawl, designed by MMario. It was a great KAL to participate in. MMario is a very generous and prolific designer, the link above will take you to his Yahoo group, where he posts all his designs, most of which are untested, and where we get to play with them, ask questions to MMario himself, and have a lot of fun with the other knitters in the group. MMario is very good at responding to questions, and will come up with most corrections quite quickly. When the patterns have been tested they are often listed on Ravelry, but they also stay available for naught on this Yahoo group. If you like to knit lace, this is definitely a group to join. But they are chatty, be forewarned. Of course you don’t have to receive individual e-mails, MMario will be the first to suggest to go web access only if the avalanche of e-mail is too much for you.

Next, in March, I finished a very cute hoodie for my oldest son, it had been in the works since October. It is officially called Sweater with hood and pockets in Eskimo, a pattern from Drops. I made some adjustments, like no pockets, and a little less long, as well as different closure. I was going to add a zipper, but my son decided at the last moment that he wanted buttons after all. So I added crocheted button hole loops. I am not entirely pleased with those, but c’est la vie.
Next were a couple of dishcloths/afghan squares. The first one is called Columns of Greece. It apparently took me about a year to finish, but I swear it seemed longer then that. It was not the pattern’s fault, it was a pretty simple pattern, and easy to remember. But I used it as my take along knitting, but with 2 little children I just didn’t have much time to actually go somewhere and knit. Before you ask, if you have to wait somewhere and you have 2 little children, knitting is almost impossible.
And then a square I designed for a baby blanket. There is a yahoo group I belong to, called Lone Star State Knitters, and they knit a blanket worth of squares for each member who is about to have their first child or grand child. Someone asked for a 1,2,3 square, as we already have an A,B,C square, and since I couldn’t find one, I offered to design one. It was fun, and maybe I will actually offer the pattern sometime…
I believe then we reached the summer, and I started knitting on Oregon in earnest, I was determined to finish it in 2010. But in August I did design this little thing, after a friend of mine asked for a napkin ring and I discovered that one can hardly find any that are not knitted flat.
Which in turn lead to designing this coaster and place mat to match, and I am very proud to say that the pattern for this set of three has been used as one of the patterns for the Holiday Mystery Gifts group on Ravelry.
In September the designing bug bit once more, and I adapted this cute little guy from a crochet pattern.
In October, Oregon was finally finished, it took me 2 and a half years, which is really not bad if you realize how much I have done in the mean time.

After I finished Oregon, I started 2 more projects, but they were not finished in 2010, and therefore do not belong in this post. 😀 If you managed to read all the way to the end of this post, I greatly appreciate it. I love sharing my love for my hobbies, and appreciate any comments you might wish to leave.

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Last Day of February

Oh my, it is the last day of February already.  Where has the month gone.  I mean, I know February is short, but I feel like the time has gone much faster than should be allowed!  I have gotten quite a lot done though.

I don’t like my browser crashing on me. It means that I have to write this post multiple times, and that just leaves less time for knitting. 😦 This is not a good thing!

Last time I wrote about the baby squares I knit for the LSSK baby blankets. I very much enjoyed doing that, but that was not nearly as much fun as receiving my box of blanket squares for the new baby! But I will tell you about that some other time.

I have finished more projects this month, then I have in a long time. Most of them were small, which is not usually what I work on. But this month I was apparently in the mood for small items? I guess the small person that will hopefully join us next month may be responsible for the smaller items that are on my mind….. Only three and a half more weeks until my due date.

The first project was not for him though. The first project I finished was a short scarf made out of Trendsetter’s Dune yarn. I absolutely hate working with the yarn, but the end result is really rather nice:
img_0395 It is just a simple scarf, with edges of rice stitch on each end, and stockinette in the middle. Here is a close up of the one edge:
img_0396 I have decided I really kind of like the rice stitch. Very simple, but very nice looking. For some reason the flash decided it needed to play when I took pictures, so I am afraid the metal in the yarn has picked it up. I apologize for the quality of these pictures.

I also made a cute little bear:
img_0397 I changed the yarn to Cotton Tots, because I was interested in getting a smaller then 11 inch tall bear. Which I think worked out jut fine. I think it came out to about 7 or 8 inches tall. I enjoyed this pattern, because it uses a lot of short row shaping, wrapped stitches, increases and decreases. It was a lot of fun to make, and really only took me a couple of hours. I will probably make another one, as I am planning on giving this to the new baby, and hopefully make it a lovey kind of critter. In which case it would be good to have more then one….

I also have been working on the Icelandic Lace Shawl. And I actually have finally something to show for it.
img_0400 I do enjoy knitting this pattern, the lace is relatively simple, and easy to memorize. And the yarn, which is Brooks Farm Acero yarn, in a gorgeous purple, is very nice to knit with. I hope it will block out half as nice, and I will be a happy camper. But that is quite some time in the future.

That is it for today, but stay tuned for news about the Sassy Spinster’s new location.

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